Terms and Conditions

  1. Contract Partner, general definitions
    (1) This service is operated by Pixtura S.r.l., an imaging and imaging services company based and registered in Ivrea, Italy.
    (2) The website allows you to order for postal delivery, the production of photographs, or photographic gifts from images.
    (3) These terms and conditions apply to all customers/visitors, and are form the basis of every agreement made between us and you (the customer). Please read these Purchase Terms carefully because they form a contract between Pixtura S.r.l. and our customers.
    (4) These conditions may be modified by us at any time and supersede all previous terms and conditions published on this site.

  2. Ordering Services
    (1) We shall use all reasonable endeavours to maintain the quality and operational status of the website, and online services which we may provide to you, although accept no liability for losses of any kind, including but not limited to economic or goodwill losses during periods of maintanance, planned or unplanned
    (2) Once you have placed an order for any goods or services via this web site (including any order for product or services), the order will not be treated as having been accepted until you receive confirmation from us that this is the case. This confirmation may be by email. For the customer any order is legaly binding after having agreed to these terms of purchase and confirmed the purchase on the order confirmation page.

  3. Prices
    (1) All indicated prices are including taxes but excluding packaging anf posting.
    (2) Costs for postage and packaging will be calculated separately during the order process according to our price list on this web site.
    (3) All indicated prices apply to the date of an order. By updating our website, all previous price lists become invalid. The relevant prices are those which applied to the date of an order.

  4. Methods of Payment
    The customer may choose a method of payment during the order process. The method of payment can not be changed afterwards.

  5. Returns
    (1) Goods may be returned to us, at your cost, if they are delivered to you in a defective state, or do not match the descriptions of the goods on our website, or do not match samples supplied by us.
    (2) You are required to inform us within seven days of receipt of goods if it is your intention to reject any goods. You will be emailed specific instructions which are unique to your return.
    (3) Personalised items (such as Canvas Photos) which are delivered as described, and in good condition may not be returned if not damaged through transport or faulty by production. We reserve the right to charge for re-posting returned orders which have been especially produced to meet your personal requirements.